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Not just a simple magazine

We are a company with diverse media solutions, with roots in publishing literature from the installation field.
We continue to produce quality content through web and offline media channels, allowing our customers and end users to do "more" with information: to interact with it, to manipulate it, to share it with others, to extract information with greater flexibility, efficiency and creativity.


Who we are

Young and eager to make a product more comprehensive, the team that has continuously developed Tehnica Instalaţiilor as a PRODUCT tried to grow with the market and its requirements in order to provide more complete information on trends on the national and international market installations.
For over 15 years, Tehnica Instalaţiilor magazine help professionals keep pace with technological developments by extending the scope of information that enables them to give positive and measurable results.

What are we doing?

Tehnica Instalaţiilor magazine is an independent media project. Our magazine is primarily aimed at those directly involved in the HVAC-R domain, be it production, operation, regulation or installations related services. It is designed for companies, engineers, consultants, technical experts but also end-users, including in its pages articles written by professionals in the field, news, impressions on events of its kind in the country and abroad, articles, presentations of products and companies, opinions, so as it represents a landmark for anyone intersects with the installation work.
Currently, Tehnica Instalaţiilor is the specialized magazine with 8 issues per year, with supplements for electricity, green energy and water, both in the written form and online through


Our publications

Our publications cover the areas of plumbing, gas, sewage, heating, ventilation, technology, air conditioning, and more recently, electricity and renewable energy. Lately, green technologies have made great strides in virtually any field, so that an evolution toward a market which promote clean energy and environmentally friendly products as well as environmental protection was imminent.
It was actually the engine that propelled us to broaden our area of interest and towards water, electricity and renewable energy starting with 2013.

In its 16th year of publication, Tehnica Instalaţiilor magazine covers areas of building services installations for water, gas, sewage, heating, ventilation, technology, air conditioning and legislation. It is a publication aimed at specialists in the field, continuing to be a reference magazine, a partner at events, conferences and exhibitions in the field, both nationally and internationally.

Clean Waters Supplement cover topics in the areas of: water treatment, water distribution, wastewater treatment, water fittings, pumping equipments, fittings, industrial equipments, safety of water and wastewater supply systems. Water in piping systems, drinking water, small hydropower plants, profile exhibitions, legislative requirements, are other subjects debated within its pages.

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"Electricity is the backbone of modern industrial society" (Jones, D.A., "Electrical engineering: the backbone of society").
Starting with 2016, what was initially a supplement to the magazine turned into a freestanding publication, covering the vast domain of electricity.
The rapid expansion in electrical technology at this time transformed industry and society and the extraordinary versatility of electricity as a means of energy supply means it can be used on a set almost unlimited of uses, including transportation, heating, lighting, communications and calculation.

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Published since 2012, the Green Energy Magazine - Revista de Energie Verde covers everything from technologies and sustainable products, recyclable, non-polluting, environmentally friendly products and contribute greatly to creating a cleaner environment, whether in our homes or on an industrial scale. From products to complex systems, technologies or events, national or European legislation, everything that is "green" has its place reserved here.

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In brief, News, Events, and Updates from the installation field. Initially launched in 2017, the news portal has become wider, so now comprises numerous information, offering relevant links to readers-users of installations systems, using a single platform. The website aims to be a practical and accessible tool, useful both for your activity and for your business. All these relational functionalities support an open platform for partnerships and business relationships.

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Our partners

All our efforts would be in vain if it were not reflected in the good relations of cooperation we have established with our collaborators, institutional partners and organizers of fairs and exhibitions through which we could make known to a wider audience.


With each new partnership concluded, our publications are one step closer to its potential new readers and clients. We are grateful to the partners who support us and we are open to further collaborative relationships by providing in our turn the media support to promote the desired image.


Events Partners


About Us

Currently, Tehnica Instalaţiilor is the specialized magazine with 8 issues per year, with supplements for electricity, green energy and water, both in the written form and online through

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